Moojrim (1970) Full Hindi Movie | Joy Mukherjee, Sapna, Jayshree T.

Gopal is a gold-medalist race-car driver. One day while driving, he witnesses a girl screaming for help atop an under-construction building, he charges up the stairs, gets into a scuffle with two her two assailants, beats them up, and upon seeing that the girl has fled, he leaves. Shortly thereafter, he is arrested by the Police for killing one of the men. Gopal claims his innocence, but the Police state that they have evidence, his gold medal, which was found next to the dead body. While being transported to jail, Gopal manages to escape, and is aided by a truck driver, Ganga Singh, and his sister, Manju. Eventually both Manju and Gopal fall in love with each other while on the run from both the police and a powerful goon named Gangaram, who wants Gopal dead at any and costs. Gopal encounters an assortment of characters, and finds out he cannot really trust anyone as no one is who they claim to be.

Movie:- Moojrim (1970)
Starcast:- Joy Mukherjee, Sapna, Jayshree T., Nishi, Meenakshi
Directed by:- Kewal Misra
Music by:- Sonik Omi
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