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South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi Full Movie 2018 New : Nishyabda 2 movie is a romantic action thriller directed by Devaraj Kumar and produced by Tharanath Shetty Bolar while Sathish Aryan scored music for this movie. Roopesh Shetty and Aradhya Shetty are played the main lead roles along with Avinash, Petrol Prasanna and many others are seen in supporting roles in this movie.

Roopesh, Aradhya and Prasanna get into a high tech house to grab Rs.5 crores. It is not an ordinary task and requires good homework for the trio. There is a very strong and furious dog living with blind officer. Getting inside the house is toughest as everything is systematized. As the money is required for trio for different purposes they reach the spot with some preparation. The dog is silenced for half an hour, the blind military officer Avinash is stopped from getting out of his room which is filled with smoke. The time is ticking, as there is only half an hour left to get the money. The thrill starts when the very efficient military officer who is blind gets out of his room. The first of the three Prasanna is killed by the military officer and he searches for the remaining two. The brutal attack starts and as the blind man travels all around his house and gives a difficult time to the robbers. There is counter attack too. The entire house goes pitch dark as the blind man shuts power supply. The situation gets dangerous. Will the military officer nab the robbers? Will the robbers get the money? Find out what happens in this exciting and thrilling cat and mouse chase!

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