बॉलीवुड ब्लॉकबस्टर रोमांटिक मूवी "सनी" (Sunny) | 1984 | सनी देओल, धर्मेन्द्र, अमृता सिंह

Wealthy businessman Inderjeet marries a lovely woman named Gayetri, but is unhappy with this marriage, as she is unable to bear him any children. He starts frequenting brothels, where he meets with an attractive prostitute by the name of Sitara. Both fall in love and Sitara becomes pregnant after they get intimate. When Gayetri finds out about their affair, she is enraged and will do anything in her power to prevent Sitara continuing to dominate Inderjeet's love. Before she could take any steps, Inderjeet dies in an plane accident, leaving Sitara alone and pregnant. Gayetri conspires against Sitara, invites her over, makes sure she gives birth, then tells her that the child was still-born. A devastated Sitara leaves to continue with her life, leaving Gayetri to bring up her son, Sunny, as her own. Years later, Sunny has grown up, has met with an attractive young woman named Amrita, who he would like to marry. When Gayetri finds out, she is initially happy, but relents when she finds out that Amrita is a dancer and singer on TV, and decides to oppose this marriage at all costs. But when Sunny adamantly refuses to marry anyone else, she permits Amrita's parents to meet with them. It is this meeting that will change everything in Gayatri and Sunny's lives forever, since Amrita is Sitara's niece.

Movie:- Sunny (1984) सनी
Starcast:- Sunny Deol, Amrita Singh,
Directed & Produced by:- Ramanand Sagar
Music by:- R.D.Burman
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